Major: Geography (Earth System Science)

a couple reASONS why i chose geography as my major..


In geography we apply empirical work with  conceptual theoretical analyses, recognizing the significance of both spatial processes and accumulated histories. Illuminating the abiding problems of the modern world through geographical analysis.

02. cartography

Space is abstract, and often the systems that exist within spaces are multi-faceted. Cartography has taught me how to interpret complex systems and represent them through many  interfaces such as maps and different types of human-centered design projects.

03. research (HUMAN)

In human geography we learn about the interaction of people with nature such as
the extraction of natural resources and the environmental impact of people and their activities. With a background in environmental studies, we have the tools to analyze spatial organization of societies at all scales from the local to the global.

04. research (EARTH SYSTEMS)

I participated in URAP (Undergraduate Research Apprentice Program) at the U.C. Berkeley Seismology Lab. My role was to analyze and visualize raw earthquake catalog data (using python Jupyter notebooks) of the Cascadia Megathrust Fault to extract features of interest. In particular, I looked for systematic and statistically significant spatial or temporal changes over time.


GIS plays an important role providing planning, organizing and decision making. It is an effective application for big data and provides a tool for displaying complicated relationships.


- Climate Dynamics
- Meteorology
- Geophysics
- Food and the Environment
- Economic Geography
-Race, Space, Inequality


A few examples of my work from U.C. Berkeley geography courses
In my Geographic Information Systems (GEOG/LAEP C188) course with Professor John Radke we had to construct a final project identifying a client.
(This project was not actually used by the City of San Diego)
Click here if you would like to see actual project
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